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Name:Mini covert pickup(GW802)

Product Name: Mini covert pickup

Product type: GW802

Chip: adopt common amplifier, concealment, small power consumption, suitable for ATM machine, prison, the interrogation room.

Product features:

With low noise, high fidelity, wide range of working voltage,small power consumption, long transmission distance,using common amplifier etc.. And the camera used to achieve the synchronization of audio and video.

Supporting the use of:

1 digital hard disk video recorder (DVR): PC card insertedor embedded can be, the yellow line and black linedirect access to the audio input (Audio in).

2 direct access audio matrix, long delay recorder, recorder,professional monitors, the yellow line and black linedirect access to the audio input (Audio in).

3 network video server, Guangduan Ji, twisted pairtransmitter and other equipment of the audio input (Audioin).

4 other audio input (Audio in) audio equipment.

With the above equipment without the use of audio adapter(microphone)

Product parameters:

Monitor range: 5-80 square meters.

Connection method: red line connected to the power supply "+", "-" black power and signal ground. The white line is connected to the recording equipment audio inputport or amplifier audio input port.

Working voltage: DC 6V~~12V

Current: 5mA

Output level: 0~6V

Frequency range: 100~~10kHz

Frequency response: 2.5dB

Output impedance: 600 ohm

Appearance size:L=36mm Φ =6.5m


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